Rotary Employment Partnership
Major Milestones


The Rotary Employment Partnership was created in 2001. In that year, the first person hired through the Partnership was Jodi Reid, hired by the provincial government. Since then, Jodi has moved through many different government departments with steadily increasing responsibilities and wages. She is now a twenty-year employee – a major milestone in any career.

This year the Partnership celebrates its 20th Anniversary. It reached a major milestone of creating 600 jobs when Advantage Home Health Solutions recently hired one employee to work in their business. CTV News featured the Partnership and this latest hiring in a recent interview.




Adult Literacy Committee
2020-2021 Interim Investment Report


This year, Rotary is funding Bow Valley College to pilot five half-day adult literacy workshops. These workshops will fill the gaps in foundational skills students need to support their learning. These skills include digital literacy, time management, self-advocacy, communication, critical/analytical skills, and a financial boot camp.

Rotary supports full and part-time students registered in a Basic Literacy program by providing 18 Adult Literacy Bursaries. The Adult Literacy Report includes letters from students and details of the workshops. See full details in the 2020/21 Interim Adult Literacy Report.







Australasia Centennials
A Joint Tribute to Two Rotarians 

Watch our three-minute video honouring two Rotarians from Canada, James Wheeler Davidson (Calgary) and Lieutenant-colonel James Layton Ralston (Halifax), for their work in establishing Rotary clubs in Australasia and beyond.



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