Posted by Greg Hovdebo on Dec 14, 2017
The Rotary Tom Jackson Stay in School Program wishes to thank the ArtTalks group for their ongoing support.  ArtTalks recently had a fundraising event where they raised $11, 835 and were able to combine this with a partial-matching grant of $5,500 from Calgary Foundation. 
Since 2014, the ArtTalks group have contributed $77,724, matched by Calgary Foundation to combine to $130,942. 
The Rotary Tom Jackson Advisory Committee would also like to remind you that we are always accepting new mentors.  This unique program matches two mentors to one student, effectively making a co-mentoring solution where you would never be without support and a partner to assist you in mentoring.
As Mentor Carrie Gour relates, the hourly commitment to mentoring is easily accomplished in around 4 hours a month, replacing time you might have spend consuming social media with active participation in improving a life.
To find out more, or to become a mentor call or email:
Co -Chairs
Stay in School Programs Coordinator