Posted by Manon Mitchell
A great birthday present for a Rotarian.
Recently, if you come to Tuesday meetings, you might remember that this was back in early November, I turned the BIG 60.  I’m not afraid of mentioning my age, actually I’m quite proud of it because of what my life has turned into.  Kurt asked me “what do you want for your birthday” and it didn’t take long for me to say “I wish all those kids I saw this past summer in Manyama Uganda would have uniforms, not used crap and all torn but nice new uniforms.”
You see, there they segregate the kids with and without uniforms when it comes to assemblies, the uniformed kids on one side and the ones without on the other.  WHAT?  My heart just broke when I saw this with my own eyes.
Uniforms are all made locally by local sewers. Since we had just trained sewers in making Days for Girls kits, we knew there were women there who needed work. We know there are kids who need uniforms just to be the same and fit into the school community. So I decided to fundraise to put uniforms on these kids back.
Here we are 5 months later and thanks to Garth Toombs for bringing the cash and thanks to Michael Broadhurst for taking the pictures this week, I finally saw these kids all lined up in their brand new uniforms!  My heart is just exploding with joy.
Thank you to all of you who contributed to this little birthday present experience.  I share this with all of you so that you can feel the JOY and PRIDE these kids now experience by just wearing a $7 uniform.
Bring on more birthdays!
Manon Mitchell