From the International Board Report
Barb Young just returned from a trip to Guatemala to participate in the Guatemalan Literacy program and to visit and follow up on the Community Library we built, as well as further development in this community, in Guatemala.  She is thrilled to report that we have been asked to be the Sponsor in 2017-18 for the Guatemalan Literacy Program Grant, working with La Reforma Club from Guatemala City.  This is a huge honor as this is one of the top projects world-wide being recognized at the International Convention this year.  We will be the first club out of the US to act in this capacity. 
For reference, in 2016-17, where the lead clubs are the Rotary Club of Ephrata, WA and the Rotary Club of Quetzaltenango, with which we work on the Community Library, statistics are as follows:
·         184 schools with textbooks (middle school)
·         43 computer centers (middle school)
·         25,422 students using textbooks
·         138,372 textbooks in circulation
·         12,247 students using computers
·         38 Culture of Reading schools (elementary school)
·         13,392 Culture of Reading students (elementary school)
·         477 contributing clubs