Bruce Rabik Chief Operating Officer of Rogers Insurance
By Bill Avery
At this juncture the President called upon Julie Visser to introduce our guest speaker - Bruce Rabik Chief Operating Officer of Rogers Insurance.  Julie a colleague of Bruce, rightfully recognized his extensive experience in the Insurance Industry.  Bruce has a far-reaching career that includes all aspects of the complex and important insurance industry.
Since joining Rogers Insurance in 2002, Bruce has worked diligently to create customer satisfaction, and, of equal importance, to create job experience satisfaction for his employees.
Bruce spoke to us presenting an extensive overview of the insurance industry, a most important component of our provincial and national economy.  Bruce told us that the number of insurance brokers is in decline and, as a result companies are dealing with the customers directly.
Maintaining customer service in these circumstances is challenging, but the industry is meeting those challenges, despite the flux in the system and the resulting pressure on the profit margins.
Bruce told us that Rogers is able to maintain a great rate of return for stockholders because they are able to maintain their reputation of trust.  Trust is vital to the success of an insurance organization and that is accomplished by treating all the stakeholders well.
The four precepts of “high satisfaction” treatment are:
  • Own It
  • Win It
  • Respect It
  • Fund It
If these four elements are in place, then you have a well managed business, prepared to succeed in a turbulent marketplace.
Bruce left us with these three thoughts.
Management and Leadership are the same thing.
Leadership and Management equal respect
Look at the details and not just the strategies
Past President George Brookman thanked Bruce for an informative and entertaining presentation.
Our Speaker, Bruce Rabik