Jan 09, 2018
Marina Campbell, Alyssa Stewart
Community Hubs partnership and an engagement project in the City

Join us for the first meeting of the year on January 9th to hear about the progress of our Community Hubs partnership. Karen Young, United Way’s President & CEO will be joining us, as well as two former Mount Royal University students who led a community engagement project in Greater Forest Lawn and will help share the story of our work together!

This meeting is at the Fairmont Palliser - Alberta Room - 12 noon


​Ms. Campbell and Ms. Stewart are both recent graduates of Mount Royal University’s Bachelor of Child Studies Degree with a major in Child and Youth Care Counsellor.  Karen Young, United Way  President & CEO, will do a brief introduction before the two below share their presentation.​


Marina Campbell, Bachelor of Child Studies


Ms. Campbell is currently a stay-at-home mom for her son who was born last year. Marina’s love for working in this field stems from a long history of being involved with children and their families. Ms. Campbell worked as a behavioural-developmental aide and substitute behavioural therapist before entering into her maternity leave.


Alyssa Stewart, Bachelor of Child Studies and Registered Child and Youth Care Counsellor


Ms. Stewart is a Youth Success Coach with Boys and Girls Clubs of Calgary. Alyssa’s passion for working with at-risk teens in residential care began first year of the Child and Youth Care Counsellor Diploma when she was challenged by a professor to see if she liked the residential youth home environment.


Ms. Campbell and Ms. Stewart alongside seven other classmates and their professor Michelle Briegel partnered with United Way of Calgary to explore community enhancement in the Greater Forest Lawn area. Over the course of the project five engagement strategies were created.  They included: organising and hosting a youth night, the creation of a community map, to understand and develop a process for grant applications, a community connections project, and a youth voices survey.


During this project Ms. Campbell lead the youth granting initiative to explore the grant process and provide an application strategy. Ms. Stewart lead her classmates in motivating local youth within the Greater Forest Lawn area to complete community-focused surveys. A total of 133 surveys were completed by youth in the Great Forest Lawn Area.  In addition to this work, Ms. Stewart partnered with the Community Connections project to explore strategies to better connect youth to their community.