The Rotary Tom Jackson Stay In School Program is a mentoring program that is intended to engage Aboriginal youth early, work with them to keep them in school and drive up high school graduation rates within this community.  This program is based on the Stay in School Program.
Based on the merits of the program, Tom Jackson has lent his name to it and has become actively involved.  Tom Jackson received the  Lifetime Artistic Achievement award at the Governor General’s Performing Arts Awards.
Partner organizations such as the United Way UpStart, Martin Aboriginal Initiatives, Legacy Children’s Foundation will help develop this into a national program.  
Corporate partners for Rotary Tom Jackson Stay In School are afforded the opportunity to participate in the program committee and provide mentors for the program, developing key relationships with Aboriginal leaders and the Aboriginal communities in general.



The Rotary Tom Jackson Stay in School initiative will be a nationwide group of people, Aboriginal Speakers and Leaders, other Service Clubs, Not for Profits, Charities and Partners that are all interested in supporting Aboriginal youth to stay in school, graduate and be inspired to be all that they can be. 
Rotary Tom Jackson Stay in School Fun Facts....
  • 20 students currently in program
  • 34 mentors
  • Funds available for students to provide school supplies, computers, tutoring, and other expenses that will help assist students to succeed.

Past Articles

The TELUS Calgary Community Board accepted our request for funding for the 2014-2015 year.