We Welcome New Members
In our experience, applicants possessing the following qualities benefit the most from membership in the Rotary Club of Calgary.
  • Strong desire to contribute to the community
  • Ability (financial, organizational or through connections) to make a difference
We expect our members to be fully engaged in Rotary. Engagement can take the following forms.
  • Attending weekly luncheon meetings
  • Volunteering on community projects
  • Serving on at least one committee (some committees hold evening meetings, while others meet on weekdays)
  • Attending fellowship events (usually scheduled for evenings; partners are welcome to participate)
  • Serving on District, Zone or Rotary International committees
Additionally, membership in our club involves the following financial commitments
  • Annual dues $550 (members under age 40 pay $275)
  • Annual dues for joint members are $400 per person
  • In-person meeting costs
  • Contributions to club projects; e.g., Christmas hampers
  • Attending fellowship events (say minimum $200 per year)
  • Donations to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) or the Calgary Rotary Clubs Foundation (CRCF)
All members are encouraged to contribute regularly according to their circumstances to The Rotary Foundation (TRF) or the Calgary Rotary Clubs Foundation (CRCF). Funds flowing back from these foundations are the primary income sources for the work we do worldwide.