Our Club welcomes new members.
Applicants we believe are most likely to get the most out of our club and stay the longest:
  1. Business, professional and community leaders who want to contribute personally, through time and / or money, to the local and global community.
  2. Those want to build on their Calgary connectedness and have the ability (financially, organizationally or through connections) to make a difference.
Applicants who have the time for:
  • Weekly lunches
  • Volunteering on projects in the community (Stampede BBQs and others day-time, evenings or weekends)
  • Contributing on at least one committee (some scheduled evenings, others daytime)
  • Attending fellowship events (normally week nights, primarily with partners)
And, have the financial resources:
  • To pay annual dues $550
  • To pay for at least 26 lunches per year ($1,040) plus parking downtown
  • To contribute financially to club projects (e.g. Christmas hampers)
  • To attend club Fellowship events (say minimum $200 per year)
  • All members are encouraged to contribute monthly or annually in amounts according to their circumstances to either or both Foundations which the club supports. Funds flowing back from these Foundations are the major source of our club's funding for the great work we do around the world.