Over the years, thanks to you, hundreds of thousands of dollars have been put to significant purpose in the communities of Calgary - Southern Alberta and internationally.  One of our primary concerns in staging these barbecues is public safety and comfort.  There are plans we are discussing with the City of Calgary in terms of improving the Fort Calgary Site.  This work will take some time.  So, for this reason among other logistic concerns we will not be holding a barbecue in 2018 - but look forward to serving the community and entertaining the public in 2019.
The Rotary Club of Calgary Barbecues, The Stampede Shaker and Oxford Stomp, have become long standing Stampede traditions and are widely considered ‘must attend’ events during Stampede. What once started as a great get together, with an emphasis on fellowship for members and fundraising for the long standing Service Club, are now two of the largest Stampede events, and widely regarded as ‘the hottest tickets in town’.  For Rotarians, it is a fellowship event. Members often say “it feels good to be working as a team to achieve the goal of fundraising while being part of a fun event”.

How to host a BBQ - from 1964It takes more than just the club to organize the barbecues. Friends, families and neighbours regularly roll up their sleeves to prepare the venue, and to serve food and drinks. Many of the volunteers who work the barbecues return annually, and have developed their own sense of community.

Rotary Club of Calgary has been doing barbecues since the 1950s, both as fundraisers and for fellowship for club members.  The funds we raise support our Community Service Projects. Since 2006, the events have raised over $2.6 million.