Apply for a Donation Over $10,000 for a Local Organization

We know that it takes time and resources to prepare funding requests. Given its limited funds, the committee requests all project proponents to contact the Chair of the Major Donations Committee to share their ideas for their funding request at The committee will indicate whether the potential funding request is aligned with funding priorities and whether to submit the funding proposal. Our approach will save proponents from investing time in preparing funding proposals that are unlikely to be considered for funding.
Each request for a Major Donation is to be assessed on its own merits in accordance with the General Policy Guidelines of the Community Service Fund.

Apply for a Donation Under $10,000 for a Local Organization

Please complete the Application for Funding and forward your application to the Small Donations Committee.

Apply for a Donation for an International Organization

Review the Guidelines for International Funding Requests. Requests for funding or inquiries should be submitted to Barbara Young, and Tom Loucks. Use the WCS Application for Funding form.