Rotary Tom Jackson Stay-in-School


The Rotary Tom Jackson stay-in-school program provides mentorship and other supports to Calgary area urban Indigenous youth.
Students are selected in grade 6 through partner schools and are matched with a mentor who provides essential support through to grade 12.
Through these supportive relationships and other financial assistance, the aim of the program is for all participants to successfully graduate high school.
This initiative largely coincides with Rotary’s other youth program, the Carl Smith Stay-in-School Program. One-on-one mentorship has proven to be an effective method in increasing student’s well-being, motivation for school and success in academics. Not only do the students receive specific, unique support, they are also provided with the financial means to fully engage in their school community which limits the barriers to their success. All graduates are encouraged to attend higher education where further financial and mentorship support may be available.




  • Started in 2011 under the leadership of Rotarians Catherine Brownlee and Steve Allan, with support from Tom Jackson.
  • Mentored and supported over 25 students.
  • Dozens of community partnerships allow students to have access to valuable resources and services.
  • Funds are raised by donation and the annual Carl Smith Stay-in-School Golf Tournament.




Do you want to have an impact on a child’s life? The Rotary Tom Jackson Stay-in-School Program provides a unique opportunity to build positive mentor relationships with students needing that extra support. We are always looking for new mentors to join our team! With training, support and resources from program staff, you’ll have what it takes to make a difference. Contact us today!





Contact the Program Coordinator for more information or to get involved: