Mentoring has proven to have multiple benefits on the overall development of children and youth. Our program has seen mentoring relationships flourish, lasting far longer than the official mentoring period. With a positive adult role model, youth build confidence, learn from the experience of others, become more empowered to make decisions and strengthen their communication and personal skills.

Mentors are also provided with a valuable learning experience and the opportunity to gain new perspectives, improve communication skills and offer knowledge, encouragement and support.

The Stay-in-School (SIS) program focuses on long-term mentorship, providing participants with a mentor from grade 5 or 6 until grade 12. Students are selected for the program based on the financial need of the student’s family, success in school subjects, involvement in school and community activities and the student’s plans.


While many mentors have committed to the match for a full six years, we understand life happens, and we ask for a two-year commitment when first starting. The mentoring match can determine the amount and method of communication. However, we encourage at least one meaningful contact per month.

Mentors are encouraged to engage in activities with their mentees, such as playing sports, going out to eat, supporting school functions or exploring museums. The program can fund such activities and occasionally provide free events through our community partners. We also fund tutoring services and annual honorariums.

The SIS Program hosts two Mentor Summits per year, where all mentors gather to discuss successes and challenges, hear from guest speakers and receive program updates. The SIS Program Coordinator supports all mentors and students.



If you would like to join us, please email to receive a mentor application form.

Thank you!