Rotary is kicking off its newest Adult Literacy Program in Fall 2015. The Homework Helps program is set to start October 8th and will run every Thursday evening for an eight-week duration.  Homework Helps is a professional program for child and adult literacy, and will be a model program providing ongoing support and benefit to many individuals in a family centered learning environment.
Without Rotary, Calgary Public Library, Bow Valley College and our other community partners, Homework Helps would not be a reality.
Rotary’s community partners are working together to make Homework Helps a reality in one local community this Fall. These community partners include the Adult Learning Research Institute at Bow Valley College, the Calgary Public Library, Calgary Learning Village and Sunrise Community Link Resource Group. Classes will be held at a community library to provide easy access for families attending the program.
Literacy and essential skills instructor and art therapist, Barb Hurt, has created a strengths-based curriculum for Homework Helps. This includes activities that build family problem-solving and learning skills.
General literacy and other key essential skills will provide a foundation for specific learning that is focused on individual and family needs of both adults and children. These essential skills will help families to identify as learners in a fun and safe environment and provide a framework for continued development. Participants will receive “Homework Helps” buttons as a wearable token of their dedication. Certificates will be given to all those who complete the program.
An information sharing session will be offered in the final part of the program to provide families with more information about further upgrading opportunities. A social worker from Sunrise Community Link will help facilitate the session. Information will also be provided on community supports that reduce impediments to learning such as tenancy issues and food resources. As part of Homework Helps, the Calgary Public Library has developed a number of activities in the program to familiarize families with library resources and literacy materials.
The Adult Learning Research Institute of Bow Valley College will conduct an on-going and final evaluation of the overall program. This will include an Advising Group to provide feedback to ensure maximum learning is obtained during the pilot phase of the program. The evaluation will provide needed data on outcomes and the information necessary to consider additional offerings of Homework Helps in future years and potential expansion to other communities.