Oct 31, 2023 11:45 AM
Wendy Waters (ZOOM)
Calgary at the crossroads of Canada’s housing crisis and office-work evolution.

Wendy leads the Research Services and Strategy Team at GWL Realty Advisors whose mandate is to provide unique analysis and proprietary research to support the Canadian and global real estate investment goals of GWL Realty Advisors and its clients.  She is passionate about urban issues including housing attainability, mobility, liveability, climate resilience and carbon responsibility. Currently a volunteer on the steering committee of the Urban Land Institute (ULI) of BC, she is also the co-chair of the RealPac Research Committee, and a member of the Board of Directors at the Urban Development Institute of BC. Her own background is somewhat unique, starting with a Ph.D. in History, specializing in 20th century economic development in emerging economies and the role of social change generated by infrastructure and technology investments. After teaching at the University of British Columbia in an adjunct/sessional capacity for two years, she experienced the dot com boom and bust first hand from inside Indexonly.com, a business directory start up.

Here is the Zoom link: https://us06web.zoom.us/j/91194491947