The Club's Major Donations Committee represents all members in reviewing and recommending community based projects or initiatives that meet the charitable interests of our Club worthy of our support. Funding requests typically exceeding $10,000, are often leveraged with other resources from the applicants, and should be enduring, sustaining, and be consistent with the priorities of Rotary to improve our service to the community. Members are encouraged to champion applications from interested organizations that have demonstrated needs.
Our Mission
We gather and review requests for financial assistance from a myriad of Calgary agencies that support children's programs, youth at risk, poverty reduction, adult literacy, seniors’ assistance, or other community needs. The committee looks for proposals that will describe a strong partnership with the applicant, indicating a new service or building upon an existing service to address a community need in a manner consistent with the objectives of Rotary. Our mandate is to accept proposals for funding of $10,000 or more. We will fund capital projects as well as programs or services.

Major Donations Made in the 2018-2019 Rotary Year

  • Calgary Reads
  • Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids
  • Distress Centre
  • Alberta Network for Immigrant Women
  • Stardale Women's Group
  • Elizabeth Fry Society